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‘The Day You Stopped Caring’ by Ekong-Uduak a.k.a Empress

For those who don’t know Empress, she is a 300l Mass Communication student who is a prolific writer, she writes a whole lot of poems, stories and she is also a script writer. She co-wrote the script of a Nigerian series(she asked me not to mention the name). In this emotional poem, she portrays her mastery of literature as it is finely written and beautiful too and hey! she is a strict person  ooo.lol. You better give her credit anywhere you use this piece or else she will pull a ‘Taylor Swift’—-sue you!
The day you stopped caring
Was not the day you stopped calling
Or the day you stopped texting
Or the day we stopped talking
The day you stopped caring
Was not the day your kisses were shorter
Or the day your hug was stiffer
Or the day you held me lighter

The day you stopped caring 
Was when the look left your eyes
You no longer saw me
You stopped laughing with me
You stopped crying with me
You stopped listening to me
You no longer cared
You started hurting me on purpose
By flirting with other girls
And forgetting my birthday
You no longer cared
Now we’re strangers to each other
And walk by without saying ‘hello’
And what hurts me the most
Is that I still care
I can see you’re lonely
I can see you miss me
But the day you start caring again
Is the very day I’ll stop.
Nice one Empress!!!


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