Home News #HyrishExclusive: Must read……The BUSA elections were rigged in favour of Joshua Ante????

#HyrishExclusive: Must read……The BUSA elections were rigged in favour of Joshua Ante????

by Hyrish
This year’s drama might just never end. According to a source who reached out exclusively to Hyrish, the elections were rigged in favour of Joshua Ante and a host of others. I don’t want to mince words so I will just post it as it was sent to me. Read below;

Uncle Hyrish, this election has been rigged more times than I put my finger inside vagina. The election was rigged in Ante’s favour, he doesn’t have any part in the rigging but people from his camp influenced it.

7,352 people voted and some people are busy saying nobody came out to vote.

1.  John Paul beat Joshua Ante in every hall hands down except in Gideon Troopers Hall

2. Faith beat Deji in the Asst. Gen. Sec. category hands down in both Neal Wilson Hall and Havilah
Gold. Even in my hall(Rehoboth), I was the one directing everybody to vote. i told everybody Faith and she still lost…..that’s rigging number 2.

3. I can tear my shirt and break my camera and stand to tell you that 70% of the girls in Platinum Hall voted for John Paul. I know because I did the Platinum strategy myself. Even this morning, when plenty girls were calling me to ask why Tinko wasn’t on the voting poll, they were saying “we saw JP but e can’t see Tinko” and you people are coming to tell me Joshua Ante won free and fair. I don’t have anything against Joshua Ante oo….rarara but all these rigging nonsense has to stop.

The problem of corruption is not from our government anymore, it’s everywhere.

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Anonymous April 4, 2016 - 2:40 am

Jp didn't beat ante in every hall,maybe in boys hostel….but in d gurls hostel,almost everybody wants ante,nd girls are more dan guys in dis skul…..

Anonymous April 4, 2016 - 4:34 pm

Dear John Paul: Joshua has been in this school way before you even wrote jamb and has been popular since day 1… it will be questionable if you had more votes than him
Please bear the loss…. there will always be other opportunities…. failure is but a stepping stone


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