Home Campus Exclusive! Babcock graduate finds out her boyfriend is married via social media. The details are messy, get in here fast!

Exclusive! Babcock graduate finds out her boyfriend is married via social media. The details are messy, get in here fast!

by Hyrish

Now, before y’all judge me for laughing, you have to read the story first lol. This is one of those stories that make you rethink your life and think back on the decisions and sacrifices you have made all in the name of love. Anyways, let’s move on to the story. Do you have your pack of popcorn cos you’ll be needing something to nibble on.

The girl in question (identity withheld) graduated as an extra year student of a major department this year. I won’t mention her name or her department and may God have mercy on you if you think I’m trying to economize info on my blog lol.

Well, this girl met a ‘prince charming’ named Abiola (awon Yoruba demons) while in school – that swept her off her feet. As at the time they met, she was his side piece but the guy promised her that he’s got nothing to do with his then girlfriend. The guy took her on fancy trips to Dubai (you know, 1st class flight and all). He took her shopping in different luxury malls, got her GUCCI slippers that she flaunted a lot while in school.

It didn’t stop there, he also got her an iPhone X, she returned the favour of course, by visiting him a lot and cooking for him. She was basically discharging the duties of a good housewife and oh! he also got her a brand new laptop. Their relationship could be described as ‘enviable’ save for one loophole – he asked her to discard all her friends. Now ladies, if any guy tells you to stop talking to your friends, run away from him abeg, he doesn’t mean well for you.

Back to the story, she gullibly (or let me say, love-blindedly) cut off all her friends and kept just two around. She blocked all her friends in real life and on social media (dass right gurl, keep the same damn energy lol). After she did that, the guy assured her that their relationship is a ‘Me and You VS the world’, only if she knew she was being deceived.

Well oh well, their love sha continued and my God! Hyrish, how can you forget to mention that he was dating someone else while dating this babe? The babe in question thought she was the main babe, meanwhile she was the side piece that also go got a side piece. She probably saw all the red flags but chose to ignore because of what she’s enjoying.

To the surprise of none but the girl, the guy got married to the same babe he told our sister he’s got nothing to do with. He happily flaunted his marriage on social media. Now, they are both following each other ooo and he didn’t even give her the courtesy of blocking her so she wouldn’t see the photos but noo, he posted the photos without caring whose ox is gored. I guess a side piece will always remain a side piece. The girl is sha acting unbothered and all just so she isn’t made a laughing stock but cut it girl, we know you are hurt. It’s better to let out the pain now and heal ASAP than bottle the pain and live with it forever.

I’m sure you guys enjoyed the tea and if there’s any update on this love story, I won’t hesitate to share with you guys *wink*

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Henry. October 13, 2018 - 12:49 am

If you know, you know 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️


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