Home Campus Exposed: How BUSA Vice President (Iperu), Awoyomi Damilola dated 6 girls on campus, made them send money to one another, got exposed and more (exclusive screenshots)

Exposed: How BUSA Vice President (Iperu), Awoyomi Damilola dated 6 girls on campus, made them send money to one another, got exposed and more (exclusive screenshots)

by Hyrish

This has got to be one of the most head-bursting stories I’ve come across in a while. Before I continue, I would like to refer you guys to a post that was shared on this blog in March 2018 (read HERE) where an anonymous reader talked about expecting Awoyomi Damilola to change his girlfriend following his election victory. Well, it seems like the anonymous person was kinda right afterall. It’s a long but interesting read, so sit back and enjoy.

Awoyomi Damilola dated 6 girls together in school – 3 on the main campus and 3 on the Law campus (where he belongs to. He was nabbed by one of the girls who thought she was the major chick and somehow, Hyrish managed to get a scoop on the story; a few digging here and there brought us to a place of bewilderment. 

According to one of the girls scorned, he slid into her DMs on December 1st, 2018 asking for her phone number as regards an upcoming show and she gave him the number. When they got home, he got her tickets for Wizkid’s concert, told her he liked her and didn’t want to be like her ex ( a former BUSA offficial). She went on to admit that she was stupid enough to accept even though she knew something was off which she couldn’t figure out. She investigated Damilola and someone told her to leave him owing to the fact that he has many girls, an accusation he denied.

On getting to school this semester, this babe discovered that she wasn’t the only one he told he loves. As a matter of fact, they were 3 of them on the same main campus , one of them being a principal BUSA official and some other babe named Mariam. However, he kept on with his lies telling this babe that there’s nothing between him and the other girls while also telling the other girls that there was nothing between him and this babe.

Apparently, there’s some other girl named Habibat and according to reports, he claimed that the girl is his cousin and he made the three girls on the main campus send money to her account. It was just this Saturday that this babe discovered that Awo is in a relationship with a girl named Bukayo for over 2 years even though he told the girls that he broke up with Bukayo because she cheated on him. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Awoyomi Damilola has been trying to apologise to all of the girls which isn’t going quite well (as expected). See his public apology below;

This is such a shocking story! Meanwhile see exclusive screenshots of his lovey-dovey chat with the babe who anonymously sent Hyrish this info;

Wait, there’s more…

Then after the babe confronted him, here’s the chat that ensued;

Below are screenshots of his chat with the female BUSA official (when he was asking her out and after he was nabbed);

The babe that sent this in went on to chat with Awo’s now ex, Bukayo. Here’s their chat;

The babe also threatened him to send me the full story so Awo blocked me off IG lol…

There’s a lil more to the story and I’ll be posting that as a stand-alone post. I’ll also try to reach out to Awo for his own side of the story, which quite frankly, is only fair enough. I’m sure y’all enjoyed the tea, stay tuned for more because there’s actually MORE!!!

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