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Article: A review of Chai Tang Restaurant by Imanatue Obehi

by Hyrish

This is my third visit to Chiatang and it is one of my happy places in Lagos 😊.

There’s nothing as appealing as an excellent customer service. I love the neatly dressed and approachable looking staff designated at different areas in the restaurants. They also have a manager coming to check on us so that keeps the waiter/waitress in check. There’s no way you will go to chiatang and not compliment their amazing service. Also, it offers a walk-in service meaning you don’t have to book reservation before coming in but you can’t definitely do that on busy days.Chiatang has a serene environment, you know that kind of environment that you will eat and your food will digest with ease. The interior is really nice- really spacious, neatly arranged setting and clean environment. They have an exterior part where you have the view of the water side which is so relaxing, it’s suitable for people who just want their alone time. Generally, they have amazing setting, there’s no part of the restaurant that went wrong even the restroom which is really top-notch especially for my mirror picture lovers.

For someone that doesn’t like Chinese food, all you need to do is come to chiatang and you will have a change of mind. The food is heavenly- full of flavour and well-prepared. The portion size comes in bowls which can feed three people and the prices are affordable and worth it. Chiatang is suitable for anyone- singles, couples and families. It is a CLASSY place and somewhere for first dates (trust me it will be memorable), birthday dinner and meetings. Everyone needs to visit Chiatang, spoil yourself and visit there and if it’s not worth it then I owe you one 😂😉😊

p.s. I don’t like staying indoors so I’m happy I’m putting that energy into something useful and even happier that I’m sharing these experiences 😊😊.

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