Home Entertainment “Keep my name out your mouth, you fagg*t” Singer Daniel Benson aka Buju blasts Hyrish over reports he owes some money

“Keep my name out your mouth, you fagg*t” Singer Daniel Benson aka Buju blasts Hyrish over reports he owes some money

by Hyrish

I don’t even know what to make of this. Anyways, for those in the dark, let’s take you a few steps back.

Last week, Hyrish reported a story about budding music artist, Daniel Benson otherwise known as Buju reportedly owing another Babcock University graduate, Ayomikun Akinyemi-Sanya a meager sum of N20,000 only (read HERE

The post sort of circulated and of course, the girl in question caught wind of the post and reacted to the news, saying that it happened before Daniel Benson bacame Buju, but not denying the fact that he does owe her (read HERE)

Well, Buju also caught wind of the post and even though he didn’t say anything publicly, he came to my DMs to express himself. After I shared an update on the story (the babe’s part), in my usual fashion, after sharing screenshots via my IG stories, I tagged him just so it’s evident I’m not a malicious blogger – all sides must be aired.

Buju, however took the opportunity to refer to me as a faggot. Ouch! That hurts lmaoooo, I’m supposed to start crying right? Nonsense!

Now, here’s my say;

Why do people only love to be praised without being criticized? Is it that much of a big deal to owe someone? Even Nigeria owes money lol so I don’t get what the fuss about this whole story is. Before now, Hyrish had reported four different stories about Buju without him asking – all were positive and one was even about his concert, which I wasn’t paid for and neither of all these posts was acknowledged by Buju but this one is where the camel’s back is broken? Smh!

He said I’ll never be anything he knows….lmao. You lie, boy! I’m going to be everywhere, in everyone’s faces, everywhere the world turns to, I’ll be right there because I plan to be in this media space till Christ’s second coming except the good Lord has other plans for me. (screams Nicki Minaj’s iconic YOU CAN’T GET RID OF ME, BITCH!!! phrase).

And oh! his brother, Bobby was also in my DMs to spew, see below;


So he’s got a brother? Where was this brother when I was posting positive stories about his brother without anyone asking me to? Did these guys even read the ‘debt’ post? It was as objective as could be….and to get this kinda energy? Lmaooo!

All those positive posts have link shares on Twitter and neither Buju nor his fans engaged with those links but they all hopped on this one. You guys love negativity and it shows because they all acted like they didn’t see the update on the story. I’ll continue to do my job and not flinch because a self-absorbed E-lister can’t have everything his own way.

Buju has gone on to block me on Twitter and IG …

….and I blocked him right back (never followed each other anyways) because all 2020, I’m reciprocating the energy I get from anybody. There really isn’t much time on my hands to always be the matured person, especially towards someone I’ve shown nothing but genuine support but is super ungrateful. I’ve done you nothing but good, what I should be getting is gratitude and not attitude.

Dear Buju, I wish you well with your career moving on and wish you uncountable measures of whatever you wish for me in Jesus name. I hope you can shout a loud AMEN!!!

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Anonymous February 3, 2020 - 11:47 am

Eleribu pay your debts!!!

Kizo beauty February 3, 2020 - 12:00 pm

Well the idiot is a bastard!! Who is he again ? Buju my black ass!! Hyrish u are going to shine and ur enemies will be surprise of ur success. Don’t let him bring u the fuck down ✨✨✨

Tee February 3, 2020 - 12:28 pm

You don’t even need to call people names!!! Very rude to call him a faggot 🙄. Hyrish 💜

Toymas February 3, 2020 - 1:08 pm

Abeg who is Buju? I don’t even want to know him. See him head like coconut head. 😂😂😂😂😂


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