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Meet The Johnsons: Newly weds, Kako Mavalla and Angela Mugo ‘Say I Do’ On The Cover Of Hyrish Magazine’s Latest Issue

by Hyrish

Kako and Angela Johnson Mavalla tied the knot in front of family, friends and well-wishers on 15th December, 2019. The colourful wedding was everything the bride had dreamed of as she was all smiles throughout the event. The couple are gracing the latest edition of our magazine with their beautiful smiles.

Hyrish got to have a chat with them about their wedding and future plans. Read the full interview below;

Interviewer: How did you guys meet?

Angela: Kako and I met in church, around 13 years ago. He was the popular boy that everyone (but myself) was good friends with. He had an orange puffer coat, G-Unit trainers and so much swag! His smile was unforgettable, and still is today! We bonded over our similar taste in a music at a mutual friends birthday party… I asked to see his phone and he surprisingly agreed! We exchanged BB pins and never looked back…

Kako:  It feels like Angela and I have been in each other’s lives, to an extent, for a long long time. But, I know I moved to Reading from Barnsley around 2008. We attended the same church. Few months later, we became acquainted. Over time friendship grew to where we are where we are now.

Interviewer: What was the most difficult part of planning our wedding?
Angela: I would say the distance. It was hard trying to convey our vision, especially when both Kako and I were in London. I was pleasantly surprised on the day of our wedding, though! It was everything and more than what I ever dreamt of. My in laws, especially my My sister in law worked so hard to ensure our day was as amazing it was! We are ever so grateful towards them, it surely would not have been the same without their support. It was also important for us to learn to cut our losses over things that in the big picture, would not affect our marriage.

Kako: Distance. I left England to come back to Naija to start wedding planning 2 months before, and my baby came a month before. We thought that was long enough, we were wrong! Another potential ‘difficulty’ in our case that, thank God we were able to change to a blessing, was family cultural difference – as you know I’m from a Kaduna, Nigerian culture and Cookie from Kenyan background. We decided early to embrace both elements of our traditions, through the wedding stages and into our marriage and home.

On the day, the Kenyan and Nigerian culture came together beautifully! Finally, our Family were all incredible! We are really lucky, but sometimes family influences was not always aligning with what we had in mind. The plurality of desires was always going to potentially cause tension. We operated from the mindset that ‘the wedding day is for our families, the marriage is OURS’, that helped us filter to curtail disagreements in some areas and at the same time ensure my wife had the big day she has always dreamt of.

Interviewer: What was the most expensive bill incurred during the planning of your wedding?
Angela: FLIGHTS! Accomodation. We decided to cover the costs for some of our guests who came from abroad to celebrate our wedding. Man, that thing was costly!! We had to pay with our eyes closed, LOL. But it was honestly the greatest pleasure to bring our loved ones over to witness our special day. They certainly had the time of their lives!

Kako: Flights, Hotel bills and logistics. This is an Interesting question, we think every wedding is different. In ours, the most expensive area went into payment of some flights, we had guests from Kenya, England, Ghana and US, so their accommodation and logistics was the costliest. But we are happy because it mean all families and most loved ones were present and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Interviewer: Do you guy plan on having children anytime soon or you want to spend time with each other first?
Angela: We plan to be very fruitful and multiply!! I am soo soo broody, and often initiate baby name conversations. We often daydream the kind of genes they would inherit from the both of us. Kako and I are very strategic about everything in our our marriage, even down to the hospital we want our babies to be born. We are also preserving time to travel and create great memories before we create mini KAANites. Ultimately, God’s plan for our home what’s best for us.

Kako: Kids are definitely something we pray for, we plan for and i know when they come, they will have the most amazing woman to call mum! As for when, and exact plans…when they come, they come.

Interviewer: You guys have delayed your honeymoon, what are your plans?
I’m sure you will see the location in an Instagram post coming very soon 😉

Kako:  I will let Angela decide if she wants to share that information yet

Interviewer: What is the most memorable part of the wedding?
Angela: My daddy handing me over to my husband. I have always been a daddy’s girl, and although I did not anticipate any tears, I used a few tissues when my Dad announced he was giving me over. Although I have “lost” my maiden name, I am so glad to have the loving father in law that I have now. He is forever invested in everything I do, and that means a whole lot to me.

Kako: hahaha “you may kiss the bride”

Interviewer: How is life as a married couple?
Angela: Love is sweet o! I sometimes wake up and pinch myself in disbelief of having a spouse as amazing as Kako. He is truly my partner, in every sense of the word! There is nothing I can’t do without him showing mutual interest. There is literally nothing I can hide from him, without him already knowing (not that I would ever want to) . Kako is truly my muse, and soul mate.

Kako: The transitioning is very interesting to observe for me. It’s nothing like you expect from all the talk and ‘advise’ received. But I thank God we have been friends for so long. It just feels like a nothing has changed really, we try our best to laugh, take things easy, learn and focus on each other.

Interviewer: What piece of advice do you have for intending couples?
Angela: It sounds cliché, but marry your best friend! Marry the one who you can truly be naked with. Not just in a sexual way. Marry someone who sees you at your worst, but loves you all the more, simply because you are you. Oh, and make sure you guys can laugh together!! Kako will tell you how many hours I can spend laughing in one day! And he does such a great job at keeping me amused.

Kako: I get asked this a lot. Marry the person that loves you, you get along with totally, that allows you to be vulnerable with them without judgement and can laugh with you.
Communication and laughter is very important! A couple will be a lot happier if they share a laugh, especially in heavy stressful moments of life, share inside jokes and communicate about everything especially their insecurities.

Interviewer (to Angela): How did your parents feel about you getting married to a Nigerian?
Angela: Growing up as a Black Brit ( 🇬🇧 🇰🇪) has meant that part of me is sadly detached from my African identity, even with me being intentional about keeping in touch with my Kenyan culture. I moved to the U.K at 2 years old, so presently I speak very minimal Swahili, and am not 100% clued up on intricate practices. A concern my parents had was how easily I would adjust to Nigerian culture, as I have pretty much been westernised.

My first trip to Nigeria in 2018 showed me how similar Kenyan and Nigerian culture is. Our core values are that Of respect and honour, which is something I am very accustomed to. Kako has always educated me on his cultural values, and the expectations of me as his wife. He always makes me aware, and most importantly, comfortable. Once my parents were aware of this, they in turn were very comfortable, and had the time of their life in Nigeria! In fact, my dad and uncles plan on buying land in the north (hahahaha).

Interviewer (to Kako): At which point did you know you were going to ask for Angela’s hand in marriage?

Kako: I cannot actually pin down an exact moment, but as we continued to grow, achieving milestones together, making plans for the future together… I knew i will stop at nothing to make her happy forever.
She has always given the best advice, we have been friends since childhood so we knew ourselves well so everything just felt like it was progressing naturally, so on the 14th February last year, our anniversary, I went down on one knew and popped the question. Luckily, she said ‘Yes’.

Groom’s suit: Dudu couture (@duducouture_luxury)

Bridal dress: Haus Of Auré (@HAUSOFAURE)
Grooms and groomsmen: Dudu couture

Makeup: IDA Makeovers (@ida_makeovers)

Magazine Sponsors: Lilo Aderogba and Mbah-Vyonne Tracy

Cover Design: Niyi Akeju (@niyitheziner)

Photographer: FB Photography (@fbphotography.ng)

Co-Ordinator: Odeku Oladunni (@sweeet.giiirl)

Editor: Jimoh Abayomi .O. (@hyrish_)

Disclaimer: All photos are courtesy of FB Photography and not exclusive to Hyrish.com but consent was sought for the sole purpose of this magazine release.

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