Home Campus French and Int’l Studies student of Babcock University, Esin Isokariari pens open letter to the BUSA President on his thoughts about the online examinations

French and Int’l Studies student of Babcock University, Esin Isokariari pens open letter to the BUSA President on his thoughts about the online examinations

by Hyrish

Ever since word got out that Babcock University was planning on holding an online examination for her students, mixed reactions have filled the air as some students feel it’s cruel and unthoughthful, especially since most students are at home, where they might not have access to good network.

A student of French and International Studies department, Joel Esin has penned an open letter to the BUSA President as regards the online examinations plan that has been set in motion by the administration of Babcock University.

Read his letter after the jump;

Dear BUSA President,
This is Joel Esin. French 400L
How are you doing? I hope you are keeping safe.

I am making this appeal from a place of Serious concern. About this whole online exam thing… I really do not think it is in anyone’s best interest to take this exams online.
You know the technological state of the country we are in.
You know that as of now our main concern as students is to stay alive.
You know that when it comes to this kind of thing, it’s not that we can’t do it, but most of us will fail due to technical difficulties.

What about those who their CAs are not okay? Don’t they deserve a fair fighting chance to upgrade their scores by doing one or two assignments before exam?
Don’t students need to take some classes in order to refresh their memories?

Students that their gadgets are bad and have no ways of fixing them or replacing them due to lockdown, what about them?
Some of our phones and laptops are still in BUSA waiting to be fixed and we cannot collect them due to lockdown. What about us?

Some of us live in rural areas where to get the network to send WhatsApp message is a hassle, let alone write exam online.
Let’s also not forget that it’s not all the undergraduate students that their parents cater for them. A good number of students are orphans, small business owners, daily wage earners etc so we have other major responsibilities to handle at this time.

We know our education is important and very essential for our lives… but right now, we are all trying to stay alive to fight this unseen enemy called corona virus.
We do not know how many of our students have lost people to this virus or how many are dead, God forbid….

Please help us to appeal to the school authority to put a pause on anything that has to deal with online exams for now. We know that the school has to get back on track, but please they should try to see things from our perspective.

I believe that every student at this point deserves a proper fighting chance to get things right.

In my own opinion, I have a suggestion.
Let the school just hold on until the lockdown is over, then As we resume, we all get a month of classes for revision and make up tests in order to beef up our CAs. To those of us doing project, we would have the chance to see our supervisors in person and go over our works in order to be better prepared for defense. Then after one month, we write exams as normal. So they know that if anyone fails, it’s not due to technical issues, but their own making.

You know if we do this online exam… people will fail and blame it on technical issues l, no data or a host of other flimsy excuses.

You are our president. You are our voice.
Please speak to the school authorities for us.
Thanks and God bless.

Yours Sincerely,
Esin Isokariari Joel
Nelson Mandela
French and international relations.

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