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The Social Media Man by Benjamin Sarumi

by Hyrish

The concept of socialization from the period when Man existed, had been built on trust, commitment and adventure – seeing where the road leads, only for a few restrictions by values guided commuters.

Same concept paves way for economic power control and intercontinental authority in the light of the twin principles of Association and Assimilation. Principles affording Women and Men a chance at absolute power, influence and perception over conscience.

Principles of learning, unlearning and politicisation of the learning curve for recognition, timely positioning for Western and foreign favours, need not say; trans-generational access to wealth portals.

Narratives may seem disturbing when considering historical accounts of the Arochukwu chieftain secrecy affording a few influencers turned elites, opportunities to disband members of their communities for Slave trading and extra judicial scores settling methods; if that doesn’t suffice, simply put : Organised Crime.

John Masclow’s Pyramid of human needs aids the want and potency of a mix (i.e What more? ) conceptualize the nurturing power of Social Media, in a nature of perception thus emotions brewing over logic. However difficult to process, this stimulated system has grown its structure into an employable venture satisfying brand amplification, marketing mix, with access to customer segmentation.

The possibilities of a Slave trading system and the Social Media capitalist model void of emotions and sentiments, embracing a twin status is plausible.

If SM was a planet and the World Wide Web, a universe, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Periscope, LinkedIn, etcetera would be continents without strict immigration requirements. These access, have provided a number of minds freedom of expression, bio – nomenclature, to an extend of informing and deciding the swing of conversational pendulum(s). Such people own streets bearing hashtags to their names; #ThoughtLeader #BringBackOurGirls #BlackLivesMatter #BringingBackTheHumanInHumanResources #GenderAdvocacy #ClimateChange #PolicyFormation #TechReview #Politics #Gossip #Blog #AfricanNews #ShadesSubs #Entanglement #Romance #Webseries #FakeJournalist and #Tourists who pick the option of quick vacations.

The Social Media Man, lives in an age of multi personalities – taught, or by association. She (he) lives in an age where the natural human skin doesn’t by itself meet the requirements for the mental and emotional protection job role. In her or his time, society believes that growth must be instantaneous, where toughness, aggression are complimentary attributes of existence. Where conversation appears as too excessive and in polite terms, over meekness, and impulsiveness encouraged as a rogue soldier to avoid been cheated especially in matters dealing with business, amassing proceeds from the national cake and when found by the power corridor. The Social Media Man lives off trans-generational ethos, some of which toxic, a few virtuous and the greatest, corrupt.

“ To survive, you must wipe your tears, beat your chest, you crush your opponents and opposition, pull your weight on their weakness, mock them at every chance, drink wine from their skulls, become war, become liquid metal, become… in..da… (Smiles, you know what). ”

A couple of years later, Boys become Men. Girls grow into beautiful and strong-willed Ladies. We struggle to own our voices, and when we do find it, society calls we weird. We fear the thoughts in our hearts, we silent our perceived voices of reasoning, we neglect our god feelings. We live, we learn, we unlearn, we politicize the learning curve. We become gods, we chase the god status, we process hurting others, we hurt in our rooms, strapped in the closet. We smile, we shine, we make posts, we enjoy the chatter, clout, normalized narratives, we hurt, our clout weren’t acknowledged, we become hasty, we don’t care; fame for the money, money for the power, instant power for its brevity, controversy, hashtags, trends, traditional media buzz, interviews, conversation on everyone’s lips, money made, the Moon doesn’t stop, another day passes…, another month exhales, another story, another Son and Daughter lost, we survived; forgetting to remember why we exist – The Purpose of Man.

Man in context is Human Being. This area of the article will attempt demystifying the purpose of human beings as it concerns socialization, equity, equality and impact.

Homini, Omni, humus, human being, represent more than mere words and expressions, they are lighted paths guiding our souls and core.

Human, by etymology means – Character given to a physical kind of being; being meaning existence and essence of a person.

Same as Omni which means in all ways, places and piece given without limits in entirety, expunging our frailty.

In consonance, you are an unlimited character of a physical kind, existing with an essence of a person.

Ever thought to consider the rationale behind your multi potentiality?

Humans exist to create, nurture, give, protect and keep nature whilst acclimatizing to the reality of the processes and outcomes of their thoughts. Without a doubt of its possibilities, the nature of a man can consume a man, hence the case of Man being a Wolf of himself.

Being a SM Man, comes with mastering the act of swimming in the tough currents of Twitter oceans, or cruising on the skimmed and scorn filled multiple lanes of Twitter highways.

Alluding to Dr. Myles Munroe’s statement of abuse apologist at the cost of purpose, when considering the vagueness of an ill mannered majority, become valid.

“ When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse becomes inevitable. ”

Humans should speak to create, give life, birth the process of a thing, be understood, be felt and not necessarily in other people’s spaces. Speech as freedom and not a curse. For elevation and not the otherwise, without cause, we wouldn’t have tougher skins.

As conversation extends and expands understanding, and actions affirming intentions, right or wrong however perceived. It’s our responsibility in an age as ours, to engage power tools : Manners, Ethics, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence and Accountability, else, emotions on a continuum clouds the gift of celestial reasoning and logical prowess.

“ Twitter isn’t for the weak. ”

“ You should never be caught soft. ”

Hey…, i have an idea!

Let’s be fierce behind our keypads and remember that we are introverted once our fingers go off them.

Let’s keep quiet and disregard fake journalist every time they take up roles no one asked of them.

Let’s reach out to a few SM (Social Media) influencers we respect, seeking help when rape accusations and name shaming happens.

Let’s end the new evolution of bullying by adults, now that kids are better grown.

If there is a balance, our diverse temperaments should be considered. And if not, every one would have to play the extroverted role, guided but not foolish even as we see where the journey takes us.

Benjamin Sarumi








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