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Hurray!!! The Hyrish Brand is 5 today

by Hyrish

I so badly want to do away with the cliche ‘how time flies’ phrase but how could I possibly do that? lol. Today makes it exactly five solid years that I embarked on this media journey and I can boldly say it’s one of the best decisions I made in life.

I’m not here to bore you guys with any epistle lol. I’m just here to express my profound gratitude to each and every single one of my readers from all over the globe. How could I possibly still have a website to run without the readers? Despite my inconsistencies and inexcusable laziness, you guys are still here, right by me. This is just one of those things money can’t buy.

I am super thankful to God for everything. I appreciate the new friends I made during this journey and I certainly do not miss the ones I lost lol. I mean, it was bound to happen! I am not anywhere close to where I want to be and I punish myself so hard by worrying way too much about it but hey! no win is small, I should celebrate myself for still standing tall despite all obstacles/challenges and oh! we will be releasing a Special Anniverary Issue of the Hyrish Magazine later today….gosh! I’m super excited.

I hope this journey becomes even more exciting as I continue to forge ahead. I’ll be doing a cash giveaway later today on the blog and on my IG page so you guys better stay tuned lol. Love you guys beyond words! I wouldn’t trade your love and support towards me for anything in the world. To the ones who have always supported the brand financially, I can never thank you guys enough, may your pockets never run dry in Jesus name *kisses*

Lest I forget, I’m receiving gifts ooo. My account details – 0059671207 Access Bank Jimoh Abayomi Oluwatimilehin. I’ll be expecting your gits *wink*

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