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Lens Have Fun With Fola Stag! Ace photographer, Fola Stag snaps on the cover of Hyrish Magazine: Special Anniversary Issue

by Hyrish

Hyrish Media is 5 today and we are celebrating with the release of a magazine. On the cover is none other than ace photographer, Fola Stag. The young, talented photographer talked about his incredible journey as a photographer. What are you waiting for, guys? Lens go have fun with Fola Stag!

Read his insightful, edutaining interview after the jump;

Q: Who is Fola Stag?

A: Fola Stag is a portrait and food photographer with years of experience and growth in my chosen field. He has made quite an impression on Social Media and this has earned him a great following. Fola Stag has an amazing sense of humour and is always open to learn, explore and try out new creative processes. Fola’s style of photography is one that is flexible and appealing to the audience as he keeps his images subtle and relatable.

Q: A little cliche but at what age did you begin to show interest in photography?

A: Apparently, I have always had an interest in Visual Arts a a Kid but I picked up photography at the age of 18.

Q: Academics and Photography…how were you able to marry them both?

A: It wasn’t easy combining both, especially with the fact that I never had an interest in my course of study.

Q: What made you decide to take photography as a full-time job?

A: Fate… lol

Q: Your works show your love for food. Has this in anyways, drawn any food company to you?

A: Yes, it has drawn me close to quite a number of food companies and even food enthusiasts.

Q: What is your greatest achievement as a photographer?

A: Well, I am yet to record one… but I think the one so far was when I did my first job for Mercedes Benz back in 2016.

Q: If you weren’t a photographer, what would you have been?

A: Actor, Writer, Cinematographer, Chef, On-air Personality.

Q: Are you in a relationship? We need the gist!

A: It is complicated.

Q: What is your take on allegations that photographers receive sex in exchange for free shoots?

A: Self-discipline comes second for me after God, so I feel like photographers who do such do not know their place or value.

Q: Tell us about your most memorable experience as a photographer

A: Same as question 6.

Q: What’s your take on the LGBTQ community?

A: Everybody has a choice to choose, life to live but what is most important is to never impose your belief or sexual orientation on someone else.

Q: If you had the power to change a thing about yourself, what would it be?

A: Nothing actually because I have come to realize that everything is wired the way it is so I can be who I am.

Q: Who do you look up to in the photography world?

A: Aaron Nace, Emmanuel Oyeleke, Dmayo, Kelechi Amadi Obi and so on

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

A: Well, that is a broad question because there are various plans for different  parts of my life and as much as that is… I still like to be open to spontaneity.

Q: A piece of advice for rookie photographers

A: Stay true to yourself, find Your niche, whatever you find yourself doing… Do it Well.


Photography: @joeladu_

Editor/Publisher: @hyrish_

Tattoo: @hennaby_jumai

Shirt: @funsho_install

Suit: @iam_nnapaul

Cover design: @skg_designs

Sponsors: Odeku Oladunni (@sweeet.giiirl) and King Millie (@ikingmillie)

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