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Mariam and Soliudeen take us on a surreal journey to #TheElhajjUnion on the cover of Hyrish Magazine

by Hyrish

Hyrish Media is 6 today and we are celebrating with the release of a magazine. The latest cover features love birds, Mariam and Soliudeen as they take us on a journey to the beautiful #TheElhajjUnion. Let’s hear from the bride who planned her own wedding and her lovely husband. Read their exciting and absolutely lovely interview after the jump;

  • How did you meet?

Mariam: We met through his younger sister who was more like a baby sister to me while I was studying in Babcock University. She messaged me one afternoon and asked if I CAN get married to her brother and I just laughed about it because I had a good number of my Muslim sisters from Babcock say this to me. Fast forward to January 2020, he messaged me on WhatsApp and introduced himself. We got talking, realized we had lots of similarities, prayed about him and I got the signs I asked for so I was convinced I had met my husband. I travelled to Nigeria in March 2020 to see him and spend time with my family having being away for a whole year with plans of spending only two weeks but fortunately and unfortunately for us, Covid-19 travel restrictions got me stuck here and I ended up spending six months. We got to know each other better these six months and bonded well. Before I travelled back, uncle popped the big question and here we are today.

Soliudeen: My little sis is actually the match maker, she brought my better half to me. We started talking via the internet and finally met two months after. Madam had to fly down to Nigeria all the way from Dublin.

  • What was the memorable part of your wedding?

Mariam: This was at my traditional wedding when my parents handed me over to my husband’s parents. It was an emotional one but seeing the joy in my father’s face and how proud he was to tell everyone present he had a child every parent would pray for and how much he would miss me. I was glad I didn’t only make him proud but made an impact that would be felt forever. 

Soliudeen: I enjoyed the traditional wedding more. It was all fun from the beginning till the end.. The reception was also fun but a bit tedious.. Madam was also in her mood and I spent half the whole time trying to pet her. It’s not easy leaving one’s parents’ house to start a new journey.

  • Did you feel overtaken by your parents on your big day?

Mariam: Overtaken ke?…not at all (laughs). I didn’t even let that happen because I had warned them before the D-Day to give me my space and Bless God both parents respected my wish and didn’t come to the dance floor till I sent for them.

Soliudeen: Not at all. We had a discussion with both parents before hand so they respected our decision 

  •  ‘Early’ is relative! But why did you choose to marry early?

Mariam: I would not consider getting married at 25 as being early because truth be told I had always wanted to get married at 23, have my first child at 25. No particular reason. I just didn’t want a late marriage and prayed against it. I prayed for the right man and I am glad he came at the right time

Soliudeen: The marriage doesn’t seem early to me. When I met her, I knew she is the one. Waiting isn’t an option.

  • For the husband: How did you feel marrying from a royal family?

Soliudeen: It’s all fun and glamour.

  • For bride: Did you have cold feet on your big day? Share the experience with us

Mariam: There was no cold feet but at the same time I got really emotional at my reception. I was happy but at the same time was not too happy my younger siblings missed my big day. I am a family person and not used to staying away from my family for a long time so I got emotional as I was leaving them to start my own family and it was really hard holding back the tears. It’s sad my emotions didn’t let me enjoy my reception the way I planned to.

  • What’s your taken on open marriages?

Mariam: I don’t support it and will never but if anyone feels it works for them toor I wish them the best but as for #TheElhajjunion couple (laughs), open marriage is a no go area ooo.

Soliudeen: Open marriage ke?! It’s a NO for me.

  • What was the inspiration behind your official hashtag ‘#TheElhajjUnion’?

Mariam: El’Hajj is another way of saying Alhaji or Alhaja and since we didn’t want to go by the norms where people combine their names to form their hashtag. We decided to use something that defines our relationship and since we could not call it #Thelockdownproduct or Coronalockdownunion (laughs), we decided since we have both gone for Hajj, we could do something different and tag it #TheElhajjunion.

  • Do you plan on having kids soon or you want to spend time with each other?

Mariam: (laughs) I want my babies to come as soon as possible ooo (chuckles). Their birth does not and will not affect my relationship with my husband. As a matter of fact we are both ready.

Soliudeen: Whenever God Almighty wants to bless us with our babies, we are ready (laughs).

  • How many kids do you plan on having? 

Mariam: Three but four won’t be a crowd sha if God decides to bless me with double twins.

Soliudeen: Three kids.

  •  A piece of advice on wedding budget for intending couples

Mariam: There is life after wedding. As a matter of fact WEDDINGS are only ceremonies and you don’t have to please anyone by throwing a big party. So I would advise intending couples to cut their coat according to the material they have and then design it to fit them.

Soliudeen: As the saying goes “cut your coat according to your cloth”. As much as wedding is all fun and important, there is life after wedding.


Makeup: @tmtbylayinka

Outfit: @mirah_ng

Video: @bisoyefalabi

Photography: @kolaakinwande

Planner: @eventsbymoriam

Cover design: @skg_designs

SPONSOR: Niseyok Kitchen @niseyok_kitchen

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OMG this is so lovely and interesting to read. May God bless thier union 🙏❤️

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Bigs up bro… Higher you. If for nothing I pray the love they share doesn’t die in thy mighty name of God 🙏🙏

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You both shall live long oooo

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May God blesses this union forever, May the love be eternal 🙏. I love you both so much 🥰❤️❤️. I swear to God I do

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Inspirations left and right 😂… God bless ur union with sweetness and fruitfulness ✌️.

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Beautiful couple. Big vibe right there.

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Almighty Allah bless your days with each other bless your EL HAJJ UNION 😍😍😍😄😄

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May Almighty Allah protect and bless the union and Grant them there wishes 2 twins 😃🙏


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